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I recently released a new book entitled Seamless Succession. It answers the need for clear thinking and proven Biblical principles that the Church can implement in a season of leadership transition, based on my own succession process at North Way Christian Community. Seamless Succession identifies and discusses seven principles that leaders can follow to dramatically improve the likelihood and longevity of a successful transition. It offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.

Passavant leadership Group goes far beyond what can be learned in any book to partner with pastors, churches and ministries to help them through the succession process as well as many other leadership and creative issues. With over 135 years of ministry leadership involvement, our staff has a wealth of experience to help churches of any size or denomination.

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Our “Big” Problems vs. Our “Big” God


One thing that has not changed very much at all over the past couple of decades is the reluctance that many people have to pray for God to do something life changing, whether it be in our own lives or that of a friend, family member or even a stranger vs. not praying at all. […]

The Paradox of Suffering – Part 2


Just recently, our home group experienced a special evening of prayer where we spent an unusually long time opening our hearts to God in worship, calling out to Him for others in intercession, and then spending considerable time bringing our own needs to Him in honest confession and acknowledgement of our need. At one point, […]

The Paradox of Suffering


It would be very unrealistic to say that I’m going to provide anyone with a satisfactory answer as to why even very mature and committed believers go through the experience of human suffering at some point in their lives.  In fact, it’s not unrealistic to say that some of the most mature people in their […]

The Lord Knows What You Need


When it comes to “big decisions” in our lives, most of us would acknowledge that we want to have some sort of leading from God, whether scriptural, circumstantial or prophetic, that enables us to move forward with the confidence that God is with us. Just recently I had a “big decision” situation in my life, […]

We Must Know that God is Good


In a recent leadership training gathering at my home church of North Way Wexford, a handful of 3 x 5 cards with attributes of God were laid out on the table and at the appropriate time we were asked to select one. There was one particular characteristic I was hoping to find, even though the […]

Demonstrations of Life in the Body of Christ


Over the last several days I’ve had a series of experiences that have reminded me of the incredible importance of life in the Body of Christ.  When I encounter friends from my past and present ministry, one of the first things I want to establish with them is whether or not they are actively involved […]

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