Thank you for visiting my blog. It is an honor to be able to serve you in this way, and I count it a privilege to have the opportunity to share my perspective of what God is doing in our world.

I recently released a new book entitled Seamless Succession. It answers the need for clear thinking and proven Biblical principles that the Church can implement in a season of leadership transition, based on my own succession process at North Way Christian Community. Seamless Succession identifies and discusses seven principles that leaders can follow to dramatically improve the likelihood and longevity of a successful transition. It offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.

Passavant leadership Group goes far beyond what can be learned in any book to partner with pastors, churches and ministries to help them through the succession process as well as many other leadership and creative issues. With over 135 years of ministry leadership involvement, our staff has a wealth of experience to help churches of any size or denomination.

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Take Courage!


If I were to pose a question to each of you, it would be simply this:  What is behind the most significant opposition or struggle that you face in your life today? It may be that your life is full of opportunity and responsibility and you don’t think much about opposition or difficulty.  However, the […]

Check Your Glasses


Very recently I was thumbing through a Wall Street Journal magazine which has snippets of contents surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of advertisements.  For whatever reason, I must have noticed a dozen or more very tasteful full page ads that were drawing attention to glasses that we wear, both sunglasses and clear ones as well. […]

Take the First Step


One of the most important characteristics of a devoted follower of Christ is the willingness to initiate a step in the right direction. Far too many people who love God and believe in what Jesus did for them, have taken a very passive posture toward making a difference in the Kingdom of God.  They read […]

When Things Are Slow . . .


For many years, I lived in the all too common atmosphere of a very busy life.  Like so many of you who might be reading this post today, my day would start early and end late and with few exceptions, most days were full of activity, interaction and a myriad of responsibilities and opportunities. I […]

Over My Head


Most all of us encounter situations, circumstances and challenges that are simply beyond our human capacity to figure out. Not long ago, I was asked by a friend to get engaged in helping to sort out some serious marital issues which had been plaguing this couple for some time.  I do not present myself as […]

Profound Connection


One of the most reliable and proven principles that I have discovered in my prayer life is the profound connection between worship and intercession.  When we talk about “praying for an hour” (as Jesus marveled at the disciples inability to do so in the Garden of Gethsemane), people often give me a strange “look.”  The […]

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