Giving Thanks For You

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Over the past several weeks in our home group, we’ve been studying in the book of Ephesians.  Even though we had initially planned to study this amazing book for 12 weeks, it’s become very clear that we would just skim the surface of the depths of the truth that the Apostle Paul  reveals if we kept to that schedule.

For about three weeks we were caught up in the amazing doxology of verses 3-14 which in the original Greek text is literally one long sentence.  Over and over again Paul writes “in Him” to unequivocally declare the inheritance that we’ve been given by virtue of our position in Christ.  The language in these verses is not something that one can find in simple prose, but bears the marks of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as Paul soars in praise and searches for ways to declare the sovereignty and majesty of God.

In this last study, we had been sharing some of our own personal issues which is common for us when we gather.  But as we studied the text we were reminded by Paul  in verse 16 that the posture that we should embrace toward each other is to “never stop giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”  What a wonderful reminder as we move into the Thanksgiving season.

Yes, it’s appropriate that we thank God for the blessings of health and provision, for promise and hope, and for our wonderful nation where we share such things freely and openly.

However, let’s not forget to “give thanks for one another” as the wonderful incarnation of God’s love is expressed from one person, one family member, one friend to another.

Too often we take these relationships for granted.  Too often we think that life would go on as we replace one person with another, but that’s not the case.

Everyone that God has put into your life is there for a specific reason.  As faith grows in their lives, whether it be in the nascent stage or highly developed, follow Paul’s example and “give thanks” for such a wonderful gift.

If I may be so bold, let me suggest that someone take the lead and before the delicious Thanksgiving meal is served, pause for a few minutes and thank the Lord for each person who gathers at your table this Thanksgiving.  They are a gift from God to you.

Pastor Jay

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