Thanksgiving 2017 . . . A Perspective

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If there’s one thing that the scriptures seem to call out with words that we can barely fathom, it has to do with the magnitude, the scope of the majesty and sovereignty of God.

Scripture reminds us that creation, all of the unfathomable vastness of the universe; the galaxies, the stars, the planets stand as a daily reminder that we cannot begin to know the vastness of God.

Scripture reminds us again and again that God simply spoke such things into being and even His breath, is the breath of life to every  creature that inhabits this one planet that we know something about.

Would it not be wise on this Thanksgiving of 2017 to take some moments to reflect on what all this means to us in a world that seems intent on undoing it’s own foundations by parsing life into little tweets, and gauging power by a nation’s ability to strike fear in another.

Perhaps what we should take some moments and express our thanks to God for is the fact that He rules in all these things.  We should proclaim that the heavens and the earth, the creatures and the creation and most mysteriously, the beauty of another human being, all exist because God ordained it to be so.

Read Psalm 148 at your dinner table just before you share your Thanksgiving feast.  It will serve to remind you of the purpose of everything that is:  that is, to give praise to His name.  We should therefore give thanks for every way that God has shown His love to us through our things, our blessings, our loved ones, our purpose and most especially our eternal destiny in His Son Jesus.

Somehow, all the trivialities that seem to consume nearly 24 hours of our day will seem much less significant when laid next to the majesty of the glory of the One who gave His all in this life to know Him and His eternal love for us.

May this be a part of every Thanksgiving gathering and even though this is a uniquely American remembrance, indeed the whole world will be a better place if we lay hold of this one profound perspective.


Pastor Jay


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