We Must Know that God is Good

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In a recent leadership training gathering at my home church of North Way Wexford, a handful of 3 x 5 cards with attributes of God were laid out on the table and at the appropriate time we were asked to select one.

There was one particular characteristic I was hoping to find, even though the ten or more cards all had profound and unique biblical characteristics of the person of God.  They mentioned His faithfulness, His love, His righteousness, His mercy, etc., etc.

The characteristic of God that I’ve been coming back to over and over again in the past several weeks has been about the perception of God as being good in all of His dealings with mankind.

I’m not sure why it is, but many people seem to live with the perception of God that they have inherited, whether from some religious background or perhaps some identification with a parent who did not reflect goodness in the way that God the Father is revealed to us.  We see this illustrated time and time again when people are talking more about the problems and struggles that they are having, or the impending sense of difficulty, whether in relationship, or purpose in life, or even in physical and health related terms.

It’s time that we reexamine our own hearts and be sure that we believe with every ounce of our being that our God is really good.  When I perceive that God is good, it changes how I expect Him to act in my life.  Rather than seeing Him as a place to go and hide from problems, I find myself declaring with settled confidence and even boldness based on His promises, that God is always working for my best.  That’s why Romans 8:28 is so precious to us all when it says:

“For God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

I hope that is something you can embrace in your spirit.  When you see God as being fundamentally good and therefore good in His activity in your life and good in His intentions for you, then we quickly move away from being defensive or expecting difficulties and move into the realm of letting our faith lay hold of the blessing that God has prepared for us.  I’m not talking primarily in terms of material things as much as I am in terms of the depths and riches of our heart relationship with Him.

When we think of God as being good then we think of the possibilities that God may have for our life and we start to anticipate that in each and every situation God can take what seems to be a loss and turn it into a gain, a set-back into a set-up for His glory, and a way of revealing just how magnificent He really is because of His faithful work in our daily lives.

Just the other day I spoke to a group of about 70 seniors who gathered at the Beaver Valley campus of North Way for their first meeting in our new location.  70 seniors(age-not grade in school) came together with probably close to 5,000 years of cumulative relationship with the God of the universe.  Perhaps that is why so many people took the time to share with me after the formal gathering just how much they had been blessed by God’s work over the past years in the Beaver Valley and particularly the fresh breath of hope and anticipation that this new campus has brought to that entire area.

That experience reminded me that it’s very often the case that God sends some of His best saints into areas where God’s presence and glory have not been greatly manifested in recent years.  That’s one of the reasons why I believe that God will be raising up an army of anointed student ministry leaders and volunteers who will share with great confidence, expectation, and joy of the possibilities of God for each and every student in our entire region.  Student Ministry, students between the ages of 12 and 18, has had some seasons of great blessing over the past 50 years.  However, the complexity of our culture and the rather dismissive posture that the public schools have taken toward the acknowledgement of God have resulted in a whole generation of students that have largely missed out on the blessing of knowing the goodness of God.  I believe it’s time for that to change and for an army of prepared, excited and creative student ministry leaders to go back in and seize the territory that the enemy has tried to take from us.

Our God is a very good God!  Begin your day with the proclamation of that truth and the expectation will be established that you will see His hand of favor and blessing guiding every moment that He gives you to enjoy the creation that provides during this season, the very stage upon which He will live out His glorious life in and through every one of us!


Pastor Jay



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